Universal FAQ: CO2 Enrichment

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Why Choose Universal Controls?

Universal Controls stands as the pioneering authority in CO2 monitoring and enrichment design standards. Since 2013, our expert design team has collaborated directly with local fire and building departments, shaping not only the safest systems but also the most exceptional designs available. Our continuous innovation ensures you benefit from the best enriching technology. Offering a range of systems, from precise enrichment to advanced monitoring and controls, we lead the industry while others merely follow. 

Why Enrich with CO2?

When cultivating a premium product, the nutrients and lighting utilized are of paramount importance. The addition of CO2 has been scientifically proven to enhance product quality and yield, even in minimal quantities when combined with a focus on plant nutrition and light. CO2 enrichment improves nutrient uptake and the photosynthetic process, providing the plant with the essential carbon building blocks for optimal growth while producing the highest quality products.

Why Do I Need CO2 Safety?

Carbon Dioxide, beneficial to plants but harmful to humans at high levels, requires safe use. Universal Controls prioritizes safety, adhering to standards such as the international fire code (IFC), ensuring user and responder safety. Our systems are designed to meet or surpass local, state, national, and international safety requirements.

How Do I Know If There Are Additional Regulations?

Most systems adhere to IFC, NFPA, and local codes. Universal Controls continually adapts to changing regulations, ensuring compliance, and reviews each project individually to ensure adherence to local regulations. 

How Does the CO2 System Work?

Our system starts at the CO2 source, where our Safety Valve Assembly is installed for emergency situations. A CO2 supply line then leads to our gas distribution manifold, the FloBox, which controls gas flow to each room or zone. Distribution hose extends to each room, and a proprietary hose ensures even CO2 distribution within. Internal sensors monitor gas levels, allowing our system to adjust gas flow as needed to maintain user-set concentrations. In monitored areas, high CO2 levels trigger alarms, halting gas supply until resolved, assuring safety. Controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) enclosure, each system is tailor-built for your project.

Can Universal Controls Integrate with 3rd Party Systems?

Universal Controls has the expertise to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems via various communication protocols for monitoring and control. Our engineers can design our system to effortlessly integrate with your BAS, HVAC, or other systems.

Are Systems Easily Expandable?

Absolutely, our systems are designed for easy expansion, growing in stride with your facility's needs.

Does Universal Controls Provide Drafting and Design Services?

Universal Controls’ team of experts provide comprehensive system layout sheets for permitting, approval, and installation purposes.  

Is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) Stamp Required?

Certain jurisdictions mandate P.E. stamps for permitting and operation. Although Universal Controls doesn't directly provide P.E. review, we offer the service through strategic partnerships for an additional fee.

Do I Have to Be On-Site to Control the System?

Our remotely accessible systems allow you to monitor trends and adjust setpoints from anywhere with internet access. Additional access packages can be purchased for enhanced control.

Do I Need a Floor Plan for an Estimate?

While basic estimates can be provided with minimal information, a full facility floor plan allows for the most accurate estimate from our team. Please note that a CAD-compatible file is required for system design.

Do You Supply Gas Tanks?

We don't supply gas tanks directly, but we can connect you with reliable suppliers in your area.

What Size Gas Tank Will I Need?

Based on your dimensions, crop coverage, and CO2 levels, we can calculate your approximate monthly gas consumption. Your gas provider can then recommend an appropriate tank size. 

Who Should I Get Gas From?

Universal Controls can connect you with suitable gas suppliers in your area, ensuring your needs are met.