Universal FAQ: CO2 Enrichment

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Why enrich with CO2?

When cultivating a premium product, you use supreme nutrients and close to sunlight spectrums to achieve your rich flower. Precise enriching with CO2 is necessary to benefit fully for proper nutrient uptake and the photosynthetic process, giving the plant the necessary carbon building blocks to grow new cells and produce maximized quantities of cannabinoids. 

Why Universal CO2?

Universal CO2 was the first company to help write and establish CO2 safety, enrichment, and extraction regulations with the Denver Fire Department, setting a standard to be followed nationally. We developed, and are constantly innovating, our enrichment system to bring you the best in enriching technology. We offer a variety of systems, from basic to custom, from precise enrichment to additional monitoring and controls. We are the pioneers in the industry, the rest just follow.

How does the CO2 system work?

Our system starts at the CO2 source with our Safety Valve, the first line of safety. A CO2 supply line will carry gas to our Flobox distribution manifold, where it will be distributed to each growing room. Sensors located in each room will monitor the gas levels, and, if they drop below your setpoints, the Flobox will be triggered to increase the gas levels to deliver consistent levels of CO2. The system will alarm if high levels of CO2 are detected in a monitored zone, which will shut off the gas supply until the situation is assessed and the alarm acknowledged in order for enrichment to continue safely.

Can Universal integrate with 3rd parties?

Universal CO2 has the capability to integrate with 3rd parties via various communication protocols, for monitoring and/or controlling. Our engineers can design our system to integrate easily leaving you without the headache. 

Are the systems easily expandable?

Yes, our systems are designed with expansion capability so it can grow with your facility.

Does Universal CO2 provide drafting and design?

Universal CO2’s team of engineers will provide you with a full sheet set of the CO2 Enrichment System layout as well as controller wiring diagrams. These plans can be used for permitting and approval as well as installation.

Is a Professional Engineer stamp required?

Certain jurisdictions require the plans to have a Professional Engineer stamp for permitting approval and operation. Universal CO2 does not provide PE stamps but does have 3rd parties we can engage with for an additional fee.

Why do I need CO2 safety? What Safety concerns are there with CO2?

Carbon Dioxide, though beneficial to plants and beer, is harmful to humans at high levels and may result in death. Ensuring your CO2 enrichment is properly used in a safe and monitored manner is required by Fire code standards and must be upheld to ensure the safety and health of you, your staff and anyone visiting your facility. Our System has every safety measure in place and can be adjusted to meet any local jurisdiction regulatory CO2 guideline.   

How do I know if there are additional regulations I have to meet in order to enrich?

Commonly complying with international, state specific Fire code is all that is required, however additional regulations may be required by your local jurisdiction. Universal CO2 continues diligently acquiring new guidelines and updating our system to meet and exceed compliance in every residing and newly passed state for cannabis cultivations.

Do I have to be on site to track trends or control the system?

Your System is remotely accessible; you can track trends and manage CO2 levels from anywhere with an internet connection. We also offer basic to premier data packages where you can view your system analytics.

Do I need a floor plan to get an estimate?

Not at all. We offer basic system estimated provided we have the following information from you - How many rooms you would like to enrich and your contact information. For a more custom system a floor plan and conversation with a key account manager would be needed. A dwg CAD file will be required for drafting the system design.

Do you supply the tank?

No, however we have many resources across the country that we can provide and introduce to you. We have built relationships nationwide and continue to open new avenues to provide for our customers' needs.

What size tank will I need?

We can calculate your approximate gas consumption each month based on your room dimensions, canopy coverage and desired CO2 levels for flower, veg, mother and clones. 

Who should I get gas from?

Universal CO2 can provide you with suitable gas suppliers in your area. We have worked together with many gas vendors and have always helped guide our customers to the ultimate choice.