CO2 Enrichment Systems

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Allows for higher temperatures
Increases nutrient uptake and photosynthesis
Custom set points for precise enriching
Easy to use touchscreen interface
What Universal can do for you.

Universal Controls specializes in gas monitoring and enrichment solutions across various industries, including indoor cultivation, beverage, laboratory, and manufacturing. Our expertise is particularly crucial in the indoor cultivation and beverage sectors, where safety and monitoring systems for CO2 gas delivery are paramount. We assist our customers in adapting to evolving regulations and legal requirements, ensuring their operations remain compliant in this ever-changing landscape.

CO2 enrichment systems for indoor cultivation.

We are experts in crafting cutting-edge CO2 monitoring & enrichment systems. Every system is meticulously designed and built in Colorado, using UL listed components selected by our engineers. Our fully automated systems are tailored to your project's specific needs, offering a plethora of customization options to optimize yields and product quality. Research indicates that even a modest increase of CO2, as low as 750 ppm, can enhance photosynthesis rates, leading to yield boosts of 30-40%. With Universal Controls, you gain access to a top-tier solution that guarantees swift and proven results with every harvest. 

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Data Analytics 

Universal CO2 Data Packages are designed to allow the user to access every data point you are controlling or monitoring. Your live data can be accessed through an online connection or mobile device from anywhere. Each room can be customized to display any reading you would like for us to monitor. Leaving the possibilities endless