CO2 Enrichment System

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Allows for higher temperatures
Increases nutrient uptake and photosynthesis
Custom set points for precise enriching
Easy to use touchscreen interface
What we can do for you.

Universal CO2 serves the cannabis & beverage industry. We saw a need for safety and monitoring systems in the delivery of CO2 gas.  As well as a need to navigate new laws and regulations for our customers.

CO2 enrichment systems for cannabis plant husbandry.

The most advanced CO2 enrichment cannabis environmental control system on the market. Colorado built using the highest quality industrial UL listed components available. Programmed to be fully automated and customizable. With Universal CO2 we provide you with a multitude of options that will benefit you and your company, CO2 enrichment is just one of them. Our industry leading system in your garden or greenhouse will provide you with fast proven results and an improved quality product with each harvest. Growers have been capitalizing on adding CO2 for years and more are beginning each month. When it comes to indoor garden’s adding CO2 has many benefits as well as increased yields of 20-40%. 

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Data Analytics 

Universal CO2 Data Packages are designed to allow the user to access every data point you are controlling or monitoring. Your live data can be accessed through an online connection or mobile device from anywhere. Each room can be customized to display any reading you would like for us to monitor. Leaving the possibilities endless