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Beverage CO2 System Monitoring

Sensor's & Alarms

By TG - June 20, 2017

Let Universal CO2 design and install your beverage CO2 monitoring system.  Fire departments in more and more cities and states are implementing new codes and regulations regarding safety when using CO2 for your beverage's.  CO2 can be extremely dangerous if the system is not properly installed.  Not only can high levels of CO2 be lethal to employee's and customer's, but in the event of an accident or emergency first responders deserve to know what they're heading into.  Proper signage on buildings and doors allows these brave souls to know what potential danger's may be lurking on the other side.  Compliance doesn't stop with just signs.  Also required are sensors detecting CO2 levels and flashing audible alarms that alarm when CO2 levels are too high and/or unsafe are also required alerting anyone of a dangerous level of CO2 gas in an area.  If the sensors detect an unsafe level and the alarm sounds it will shut off the safety valve we install and keeps the environment and everyone safe.  Failure to comply with new regulations and code can get you a steep violation ticket and potential shut down of your business.  We will safely and professionally install your CO2 monitoring system so not only will you get the proper pour, we will make sure you pass your next fire inspection and you wont have to worry about any loss of business.   Safety First!

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