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Mesothelioma & Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

By TG - March 20, 2017

Cancer Sucks!!

Friends and family living with and battling cancer have limited options for treatment and therapy.  While there are numerous type's of cancer the same does not go for available relief.  In our ever changing world there is an increasing battle cry for medical cannabis in the field of alternative medicine.  Long scorned and still doubted by many, medical cannabis is gaining more and more momentum.  28 states as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam have legalized medical cannabis.  As the studies come in and the article's are published, there is undeniable evidence of its benefits for fighting cancer physically and mentally.

I had the opportunity of receiving a kind email from a mesothelioma cancer patient at The National Cancer Institute, Virgil Anderson.  Virgil reached out to us to help highlight the benefits of this amazing plant. Please check out this informative article on medical cannabis for mesothelioma from

Thank you Virgil for sharing.  We've got your back in the fight against cancer. Knowledge is power.

Team Universal