Full Environmental Control

Panel Controls

In addition to controlling and monitoring CO2 enrichment our customizable panels can do much more.

Control watering pumps and valves with precise timers.

  • Fully Automate your watering systems and customize it with a touch screen display or any other device.

Moisture sensors for precise saturation readings.

  • Know exactly what is going on inside your grow medium and roots. Set alarms and alerts which can be received on your smart phone or other device.

Fan controllers, on/off with timers and sensors.

  • Control your intake and outtake fans, in-line and exhaust fans. Can be set on timers and also can be set to go off at certain temperatures and humidity levels.

Humidity and temperature sensors.

  • Dial in your desired temperatures and humidity levels to maintain ultiate environmental controls. Control your heaters and A/C. Set alarms and alerts which can be recieved on your smart phone or other device.

Light controllers, on/off with timers.

  • One master controller for all your lights with precise timers. Full control of all the light cycles in your Flower, Veg, and Nursery. Can also be modified from your smart phone or other devices.