CO2 Enrichment Systems

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What we can do for you.

Universal CO2 serves the cannabis & beverage industry. We saw a need for safety and monitoring systems in the delivery of CO2 gas.  As well as a need to navigate new laws and regulations for our customers.

CO2 enrichment systems for cannabis plant husbandry.

The most advanced CO2 enrichment cannabis environmental control system on the market. Colorado built using the highest quality industrial UL listed components available. Programmed to be fully automated and customizable. With Universal CO2 we provide you with a multitude of options that will benefit you and your company, CO2 enrichment is just one of them. Our industry leading system in your garden or greenhouse will provide you with fast proven results and an improved quality product with each harvest. Growers have been capitalizing on adding CO2 for years and more are beginning each month. When it comes to indoor garden’s adding CO2 has many benefits as well as increased yields of 20-40%.  

Those benefits include:

  • Faster growing and healthier plants.
  • Allows for higher temperatures.
  • Aids against pests.
  • Creates O2

For more details on this please check out our blog: 
Universal CO2 and What We Do & CO2 FAQ Sheet

Safety and Alarm System

Ensuring the safety and legality of your business is our highest priority. We will provide you with a system that is the safest in the industry and that is guaranteed to pass all official inspections.

Whether you have an established business or you are looking for a new opportunity, we can assist you in your pursuits. We are available to inspect your existing systems and advise you on how to upgrade your facilities to set and exceed safety standards.


Bulk Tank System

The bulk supply tank ensures that you will have a steady flow of gas to your enriched zones. A smaller footprint than multiple small tanks or burners, the bulk supply vessel provides a large amount of gas over a long period of time without taking up valuable space. Safety shut off valves at the tank ensure that in the event of an emergency the gas supply would terminate and keep your working environment safe.

Many of Colorado's top producers are already using Universal CO2. With our approved system and the proven benefits there’s no reason to not start enjoying what CO2 can do for you. Will you be next? Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you maximize your garden.